Getting Started with Pay2kart

Pay2kart for Developers

A brief overview of Pay2kart's services, API stack, and tools for developers.

Parameters, Prerequisites & Process for integration

  • 1. Client should have appropriate test credentials.
  • 2. Client id Api IntegrationNew should be passed in API authentication request.
  • 3. Client should have all Url’s and understanding of API methods.
  • 4. Startup Meeting with API team before integration after gone through with document.
  • 5. In between integration follow the sample verification process.

Benefits of integrating with Pay2kart

  • 1. Innovation and New Features
  • 2. Enhanced User Experience.
  • 3. Flexibility and Customization.
  • 4. Security and Compliance.
  • 5. 24*7 customer support.

How to Use Pay2kart Platform?

  • 1. Onboard as an API User
  • 2. UAT testing.
  • 3. Finish Integration.
  • 4. Production credentials.
  • 5. IP whitelisting (Indian only).
  • 6. Activate service.

Our wide ranging solutions include:

  • Easy Payouts with IMPS and NEFT for a number of payment needs
  • An Eye on Cash Management with AEPS so that withdrawals, balance checks and more become a breeze
  • Bill Payments Solutions with BBPS technology and Fastag for Bill Collections
  • Micro ATM wherever you go for instant deposits and withdrawals
  • Recharge everything from the phone to the TV with ease
  • Verify within seconds thanks to integration of email, GST, documents and more
  • Get your KYC and Insurance in Order
  • Open a Bank Account with zero hassles
  • Tap into a World of Possibilities with Loans and Fiscal Solutions
  • Book Flights, Hotels, Bus and More on the Same Platform!

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